The People Factor: How Employee Engagement Drives Operational Excellence

Operational excellence though employee engagement

How can you tap the full potential of your team to drive sustainable growth? It starts with prioritizing employee engagement. Engaged employees don’t just show up for work–they bring passion, innovation, and commitment. According to a report from Gallup, companies with highly engaged employees are 21% more profitable. They also have 41% less absenteeism and […]

Operational Strategies for Small Businesses to Achieve Big Growth

A small business entrepreneur analyzing operational strategies

Operational strategies support increasingly steep goals over time. If you run a small business, growth is probably a top priority. You may dream about expanding your customer base, increasing revenue, or moving into larger facilities. However, you need more than hopes and dreams to achieve significant, sustainable growth. I mean achieving sizable, accelerated expansion that […]

How A Business Assessment Can Accelerate Business Growth

business assessment

Imagine driving for hours through the mountains without reception for your GPS or familiar landmarks to ground you. If you keep heading west, you’ll eventually reach your destination. However, every fork in the road becomes an insurmountable challenge because you’re never sure which turn might send you careening around another sharp turn. Running a small […]