Hello, I’m Jon Bassford. Here is My Story.

Jon Bassford, operations professional

Hello, my name is Jon Bassford, and I’d like to share my journey as a visionary entrepreneur and operations professional. I’ve always thrived on change, whether it’s fostering it within an organization or navigating it on a personal level. My career’s cornerstone is Lateral Solutions, an operations management company I founded. We specialize in kickstarting and managing internal operations for startups, small businesses, and nonprofits. My professional background spans various Director and VP-level roles, enabling me to hone my leadership skills and establish myself in the field.

My pursuit of innovation and an unyielding hunger for success have allowed me to deliver outstanding results and catalyze transformative change within organizations consistently. Analyzing complex situations, managing resources effectively, and making informed, strategic decisions have become my second nature. I attribute these skills to my unique blend of emotional intelligence, lateral thinking, and a deep-seated appreciation for fostering positive work cultures.

My leadership philosophy is a triptych of integrity, transparency, and innovation. I strive to set an example for those I lead, inspiring them to push boundaries and pursue greatness. My relentless drive and steadfast commitment to excellence set me apart in business, making me a formidable contender.

We Help Operations Professionals and Business Owners Build, Enhance, and Automate Internal Operations to Help Them Grow and Scale their business!

I grew up in Central Illinois, a place I will always hold dear. However, I yearned for more than the small-town life could offer me. My journey led me to the bustling DC metro area, a testament to my resolute determination to explore new frontiers. I’ve always seized every opportunity to broaden my horizons. From being the first in my family to set foot in Europe during high school to studying in DC and participating in exchange programs in Paris and Iceland, I have endeavored to adopt a global perspective.

My academic background, eclectic as it is, ranges from a bachelor’s degree in philosophy to a law degree, an MBA, and a certification as an Association Executive. These varied credentials have equipped me with a comprehensive skill set that empowers me to excel across different sectors. A notable highlight of my career was when I assumed the role of COO for a collegiate organization, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Aside from my consulting business, I have ventured into real estate investment and public speaking, constantly seeking new challenges and avenues to expand my entrepreneurial portfolio. In the last two years, I embarked on a transformative spiritual journey that has dramatically shifted my outlook on life. This profound experience has instilled a deeper trust in my instincts, propelling me to attain even higher levels of success.

However, my life isn’t all about professional pursuits. As a proud father, I cherish the joys of parenthood. I also have diverse personal interests, reflecting my multifaceted nature. Whether watching a hockey game, engaging in powerlifting, or indulging in my unexpected love for Broadway musicals, I find joy in many activities.

As I journey on, carving new paths, I am driven by an eagerness to leverage my expertise and passion to inspire others, bring about transformative changes in organizations, and leave an indelible imprint on the entrepreneurial landscape. With every venture I undertake, I seek to reinforce the notion that change is not just an inevitability. It is, in fact, a remarkable opportunity for growth and transformation. This belief fuels my pursuit of success and keeps me moving forward, eager for the future.

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